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My Weekly habits Summary

5 days of Approx 1600->2000 calories /day
2 days of Approx 500 Calories /day – non consecutive days

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner – no snacks in between

2-3 liters of water per day

as close to 8 hours sleep as possible

No intentional sugars
No intentional carbs

No Alcohol

Foods/Meals i eat

  • All steaks and red meat
  • Chicken breast ( from anywhere Nandos, red rooster)
  • Fish – grilled
  • lettuce/Kale/spinach/beans/carrots/avocado
  • Protein powder smoothie every morning for breakfast & after a run/exercise











Daily Core Exercise – 3 x (10 x squats, 10 x sit-ups, 10 x leg ups, 10 x push-ups, 2 minute plank)

3 x exercise sessions
includes, 1 x 6 Kms Run, 1 x 10km Run, 1 x Cross-fit session

minimum 10,000 steps per day ( I average 17000/day)


The Apps i use

  • Withings with connected scales
  • Myfittnesspal for food diary
  • Fitbit App and Fitbit ChargeHR wearable
  • Apple health App
  • Sync Solver for Fitbit
  • Strava for running
  • Runkeeper for all exercise logging


A great documentary  to watch about the 5:2 diet or lifestyle – Eat, Fast and live longer

Eat, Fast and Live Longer Video (for outside UK viewing)


****I recommend my coach, trainer & mentor Steve –     (Melbourne Australia based)


Other thoughts

  • Regular blood test to compare results ( once a month in early days then quarterly results)
  • On fast day always eat something with family – starvation is not fasting
  • Weight yourself once a week only at the same time




  • none of this will work if there is not complete commitment to it.
  • This is my plan and rules, doesn’t mean it will work for you
  • always check with your medical profession before doing any of the above changes.
  • Everyone is different!
  • This a lifestyle choice and not just based on weight lose