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Retail & Customer Service Books

Retail Sales & Customer Service – Volume 1: Getting Retail Service Right !

Author : Carlo G Santoro

Volume 1 – Sales Principles & Fundamental Concepts of Customer Service – is designed to assist workers just like you, employed in a retail sales or service environment, at an entry or team member level. This volume explores the importance of sales and good customer service in Retail and outlines the basic principles associated with such a role. Gaining a full understanding of these principles and concepts before venturing out onto the sales floor will not only make a job in this field easier for you to grasp, but will help lay the foundations to a successful career in a range of retail sales and customer service roles. In Volume 1, fundamental principles such as product knowledge, store presentation and understanding basic retail formulae are explained, together with how factors such as body language and personal hygiene can affect the success of a sale. Occupational health and safety, competitor analysis and working as part of a team are also covered, as well as exploring cultural differences in a retail environment.


Retail Sales & Customer Service Training – Volume 2: Getting Retail Service Right !

Author : Carlo G Santoro

Performing Retail Sales & Customer Service will then move on to various sales techniques – outlining why a particular method is used and how this is advantageous in a selling environment – with sections on advanced techniques such as value-add selling and positive pitching. A comprehensive guide to Point of Sale (POS) is also covered.